Learn how Steve has saved over $485 on his cell phone bill!

Meet Steve. Steve is an adventurer and likes to travel around the globe, but in the past, he made a terrible mistake which affected the price of his cell phone bill while he was out of the country. Instead of buying a local SIM card and prepaid plan from where he was going, he had taken a roaming plan with his Canadian carrier that was charging him 20 to 25 times more than what a local plan would have cost. Here’s an example of how much he paid with his Canadian carrier roaming plan VS a local prepaid plan from the country he was visiting:

– Roaming plan: $500 for only 1 GB of internet data.
– Local prepaid plan from the country he was in: ONLY $15 for 30 GB of internet data.

From now on, please don’t make the same mistake Steve used to with his cell phone roaming plan. Instead, get a local SIM card and prepaid plan from the country you’ll be visiting!

But for that, you need an unlocked cell phone that will work with any cell phone carrier on the planet and that is where BestMobileCanada can help you!

Every cell phone sold at BestMobileCanada is 100% unlocked so you can have peace of mind that your phone will work no matter where you go!

How do unlocked cell phones work?

The term unlocked phone refers to a phone that can be used with any wireless provider. Therefore, you can easily switch carriers if you find a better plan at a lower price. If your phone is locked, you can only use it with one service provider. Phone manufacturers will be asked to install a lock that prevents their users from using competing networks. Unlocked phones are smartphones that don’t come with these lock features built in, or are those that have been unlocked by the service provider. All the cell phones that we sell at BestMobileCanada are 100% unlocked and can be used with any carrier SIM card, or you can choose a very competitive cell phone plan starting at only $25/month.

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