Refurbished vs. Used Cell Phones: Difference Between Both?

When planning to purchase a cell phone, have you ever faced the confusion of buying a refurbished or a used one?

Buyers often get stuck in the war of refurbished vs used cell phones.

The truth is that they both differ in some aspects, even if people tend to assume that they’re the same thing!

However, the only common aspect between refurbished and used, is that they are either used or pre-owned.

So how would you select the better option?

Our company BestMobileCanada is here to guide you to make the right decision, so you don’t fall for any traps by other service providers.

First, let’s talk about refurbished devices.

A refurbished item means that someone already used it, but it was returned as new or faulty.

This may result in a shorter warranty and no insurance. In many cases, refurbished phones are repaired very poorly or fixed by using low-quality parts.

NOTE: BestMobileCanada ONLY Sells Quality Used Cell Phones! NONE
of our devices are refurbished.

Then we have the used cell phone, which isn’t new either, as someone already pre-owned it.

But the major difference between refurbished and used, is that the used ones have all the original parts!

And unlike the refurbished devices, used cell phones have NEVER been broken or faced any severe harm!

Used devices may have a slightly greater price due to the original parts that ensure the reliability of the phone!

So, if you have any questions about buying the best quality mobiles devices, you can contact BestMobileCanada. Our company will be here to assist you through all the confusion and clear your doubts!

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