Why buy used cell phone with BestMobileCanada

Why BestMobileCanada


  • Our devices are thoroughly tested

We test all used cell phones and tablets all through a 30-point inspection before we ever consider sending them to you.


  • Our devices are safe

You will receive a cell phone that is not “Blacklisted” and not “Cloud locked”. Many people get scammed because they buy their cell phone from someone they don’t know.

  • You will pay up to 50% of the market price

Pourquoi voudriez-vous payer plus pour rien de plus?

  • Express Shipping on Canadian orders

You will receive your cell phone or tablet in less than 3 business days everywhere in Canada.


  • Free replacement

We stand behind our products. If you receive a cell phone or tablet that doesn’t comply with your order for functionality or quality issues, we will replace it for you.

  • 90 Day Warranty

Read all about our warranty coverage.