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How Easy is it to Replace a Battery?

Nearly all mobile electronics need batteries to power them and up until recently those batteries [...]

What Can You Do With An iCloud Locked iPhone?

When Apple introduced the launch of “iCloud” back in October of 2011, they amazed the [...]

Why Choose A Contract-Free, Pre-Owned Certified Phone, Or Two…

If you’re considering a cell phone purchase to upgrade to a newer model or a different [...]

Pre-Owned Phone Certification

Every phone sold from BestMobileCanada an extensive 30-point inspection to classify the mobile device as [...]

What on earth is a blacklisted phone?

As unfortunate as it is, most people only discover what a blacklisted phone is once [...]

The audio IC issue on the iPhone 7 & 7+

If you have an iPhone 7 or 7+ you may have noticed an extremly strange [...]

8 – Ways To Make Your Unlocked 6s iPhone Work Like A New Phone Again

One of the world’s most popular Apple phone models are the iPhone 6 series phones – which [...]

Do You Need A NEW Phone? Or A Newer Phone?

Consider purchasing a certified pre-owned phone from a reputable sales dealership – do the green thing.   [...]

How to fix that annoying Bootloop Issue on Nexus 5X and other LG models

Users have discovered a manufacturing defect on some LG Smartphones introduced between 2015 and 2016. [...]

Galaxy S7 Edge “Pink Line” Issue

Reports keep coming of customers who have encountered an annoying flaw on the handset of [...]

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Potential Risk of Cosmetic Damage During Some Repairs

Recently phone manufactures have started to make devices less and less repairable, in hopes that [...]

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iPhone 6 & 6+ Touch IC AKA “Touch Disease” Explained

If you have suddenly lost the touch screen ability on your iPhone 6 or larger [...]

Why You Should Protect Your Phone

Smartphones can like a combination between real functionality and flashy fashion accessories. Some of us cannot [...]

The durability of the S7 & S7 Edge

The evolution of the cell phone screen has brought us many things in the recent [...]

The New iPhone 7 is it worth the upgrade?

It’s that time of year again! But before you run out and purchase the next [...]

Tips for Purchasing a Used Cell Phone

Expert Tips for Purchasing a Used Cell Phone The following tips from the cell phone [...]

Will iPads soon be a thing of the past?

Year over year, the tablet market decreased by around 12.3% (as of the 2nd quarter [...]

6 Tips to get the best deal from your cell phone provider/carrier

We’ve all been there before. Maybe your bill is huge. Or your phone is lost [...]

What to do when your phone gets wet

Did you accidentally go swimming with your phone? Did your phone go through the washing [...]

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Waterproof phones really waterproof?

I have worked for repair shop in the past and I have seen a lot [...]

Using the Smart Switch application

The Smart Switch Application offers the easiest & quickest way to transfer data from one phone to [...]


Replacing The “Touch ID” Home Button

Since the release of the iPhone 5S, iPad Mini 3, & iPad Air 2 there [...]

iPhone Screen Repair No Longer Voids Apple Warranty?!

In an internal memo recently distributed to employees, Apple looks to have changed their stance [...]

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Considerations when getting your battery replaced

I am out on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon, navigating the streets with my trusty Samsung [...]

Common Misconceptions of The Phone Repair Industry

People are often hesitant to repair their phones for various reasons. In this blog we hope [...]