Considerations when getting your battery replaced

I am out on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon, navigating the streets with my trusty Samsung Note 3 as my guide, making sure that I arrive early to my meeting. Still unfamiliar with the area, I check my map every street corner just in case it somehow changed.

It was then that the warning came, it wasn’t the first warning either. “This is impossible! I just charged you all night” I pleaded to it before cursing it and threatening to get a new phone if it didn’t get it together and get me to my destination….


We have all been there and had our device let us down when we need it most. The question is always:

  • Do I send it off for repair?

  • Do I get a new phone?

  • Do I just accept that my phone duplicates as a wired phone as it stays plugged to the wall all the time?

  • The answer is often as simple as a battery replacement, it is always the first step in resolving excess power drain issues


There are a few things to consider when getting a cell phone battery replaced:

Some manufacturers offer multiple strength batteries for the same device, these are rated in mAh (milliamp hours) and also reflected in Wh (watt hours).

mAh is a unit that measures the electric power over time, in general the higher the mAh value is the longer the batter will last. This is important because a lower value in a replacement will not give you the OEM experience or longevity.

Wh is reaching the same intended result of measuring the battery life using a different method.

The math:

The equation for energy is watt hours = amp hours x volts.

The equation for power is watts = amps x volts.

The good news is you don’t need to know the math to get a battery, just ask whether the part is OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) and if it matches the power ratings of the previous battery.



If you have an iPhone or a newer Android device you will find that the battery is embedded inside the phone and you will need someone to install it for you. Some devices are intricate and difficult to work with so it’s important that you have a professional perform the change.

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