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How Easy is it to Replace a Battery?

battery replacement

Nearly all mobile electronics need batteries to power them and up until recently those batteries have more or less been replaceable by the consumer. It has only been in recent years where manufactures have begun to design mobile devices and laptops with batteries that are not intended to be replaced. It is not that they […]

Why Choose A Contract-Free, Pre-Owned Certified Phone, Or Two…

If you’re considering a cell phone purchase to upgrade to a newer model or a different brand, an unlocked certified pre-owned cell phone could be right for you.     Enjoy the flexibility and freedom There are many reasons to purchase a pre-owned cell phone that is not under contract with a telecommunications company, but the number one reason is flexibility… […]

Pre-Owned Phone Certification

Every phone sold from BestMobileCanada an extensive 30-point inspection to classify the mobile device as being “certified pre-owned”.   The devices are then backed by our 30 days warranty (with the option to extend it for 1 year) to insure that the devices will continue to function as is. In addition to the 30-point test, […]

8 – Ways To Make Your Unlocked 6s iPhone Work Like A New Phone Again

One of the world’s most popular Apple phone models are the iPhone 6 series phones – which have surpassed even some newer models in sales for long after their release dates. You can’t go wrong with the iPhone 6s – a solid and fast phone packed with many great features. Here are some ideas to help you take a fresh look […]

Do You Need A NEW Phone? Or A Newer Phone?

Consider purchasing a certified pre-owned phone from a reputable sales dealership – do the green thing.   1.5 billion phones are sold each year, and the total number of phones that have been produced since they were introduced by Motorola and Nokia in the early 90’s is estimated to be over 18 billion (or 2.5 phones for every […]

Potential Risk of Cosmetic Damage During Some Repairs

Potential Risk of Cosmetic Damage During Some Repairs

Recently phone manufactures have started to make devices less and less repairable, in hopes that the end user will “buy a new one” if they break it. To do so, they have added many hurdles when doing a repair, such a LCD displays bonded to glass and paint that chips away when opening a device. […]