✅ Great design

✅ Improved keyboard

✅ Better battery


? Screen too low resolution

? Still expensive

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iPhone 6 Full Review

The iPhone 6 marked a key turning point for Apple, as it introduced a new design and larger screen, leaving the iPhones of old in its wake. The iPhone 6 is now several years, and iPhone iterations, old, but it’s still available and there are some great deals to be had for those looking for a low-cost Apple handset. Sure, it’s not nearly as fast or powerful as Apple’s new iPhone 8, this is 2014’s still-impressive flagship that you may want to consider next to the iPhone SE. So how did the iPhone 6 come about? Well, back in 2013, despite record sales, the Cupertino brand was heading for a fall. It had been trading on the same phone for four years, and something big was needed to keep it current. So with that, the iPhone 6, and its bigger brother, the iPhone 6 Plus, were born to keep Apple at the sharp end of a market that was starting to lust after powerful, big-screen smartphones with clever and premium design. The iPhone 6 addressed a number of problems Apple had developed, coming with a much larger screen (although not dramatically increasing the size of the phone) a boosted processor, better camera, improved battery and – crucially – overhauled design. Much of the ground work that went into the iPhone 6S was done here, with the iPhone 6. While the iPhone 6 has answered a lot of the problems I’ve had with previous iterations of Apple’s handsets, there are some issues that still swirled when I handled the phone for the first time – and many of them persist even now that the iPhone 6 has been superseded. Why did Apple decide to not join the masses with a really high-res screen? Why is the iPhone 6 still one of the most expensive phones on the market? Has Apple done enough to improve the quite dire battery life of previous models, especially at a time when many high-end Android phones are easily chugging through a day’s worth of hard use without thirsting for a charger’s caress?


  • One of the thinnest and sleekest handsets in the market
  • Strong combination of metal back which feels exceptionally premium
  • Screen curves into the chassis


  • Below competitors in term of performance
  • Little bit slicker than the iPhone 6 Plus
  • 40% less faster than the iPhone 6S

Battery life

  • Lot better than the iPhone 5S
  • Much more stable experience than previous models
  • Battery drop very fast when playing intensive games


  • “Focus Pixels” for faster autofocus and improved clarity to your shots
  • One of the best cameras of it’s generation
  • Rear camera is very similar to that found on the iPhone 5S
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