✅ Fuss-free camera

✅ 3D Touch has exciting potential

✅  Bright, vibrant display


? Expensive

? Big and heavy

? Minor software flaws

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iPhone 6S Plus Full Review

In 2014 Apple finally gave us an iPhone which offered a display to rival its Android flagship counterparts, while enabling you to really take advantage of the apps, games, movies and TV shows in its expansive libraries. The iPhone 6 Plus was expensive, but there’s no denying it was well received. Android fans will continue to berate Apple for its seemingly copycat ‘innovation’, but the plain fact is that the 6 Plus was a great handset, with all the power of the iPhone and a much longer battery life. It’s no surprise then, that Apple returned in 2015 with the refreshed iPhone 6S Plus, and then followed its phablet line up again in 2016 with the iPhone 7 Plus. While it may no longer be top-dog in Apple’s line up, the Cupertino firm has confirmed it will bring the iOS 11 update to the handset, meaning it’s still a more than viable option for those looking for a new phone. As you’ve probably guessed from the ‘S’ handle in its name, the 6S Plus is more of an incremental upgrade over the 6 Plus rather than a re-imagining of Apple’s smartphone range. It might be a stretch for current 6 Plus incumbents to justify upgrading to the new iPhone 6S Plus, but it’s got a few fancy features you won’t find on older iPhones.


  • Looks identical to the iPhone 6 Plus
  • Sleek, rounded metal body continues to look and feel premium
  • Aluminium is a lot stronger than on the iPhone 6 Plus


  • Text and images are crisp and clear
  • Colors are vibrant, especially if you whack the screen brightness up
  • Toughened glass with fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating


  • 70% faster than the iPhone 6 Plus
  • Feels pretty fluid
  • Games load in good time and run smoothly even graphically-intensive tittles

Battery life

  • Good battery life performance in general
  • A lot better than the battery life of the iPhone 6S
  • Play a game or watch a movie will start to take a toll on the battery


  • Clarity looks crystal clear
  • Shutter speed is faster than ever
  • Overall photography standard from the iPhone 6S Plus is improved once more
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