✅ Glass rear is pleasing in the hand

✅ Camera is great at point-and-shoot

✅ Wireless charging is useful


? Battery only just lasts a day

? Limited upgrade over iPhone 7

? Bezel-heavy design looks dated

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iPhone 8 Full Review

Apple’s iPhone 8 wasn’t even the top-of-the-line iOS phone when it came out, but it’s still a robust choice for functionality and speed, with a traditional home button packing an easy-to-use Touch ID fingerprint sensor to boot. In short, it’s as powerful as the iPhone X at a notably lower cost – which is still impressive years after both phones have come out. If you’re scouring for the best iPhone right now, consider Apple’s newest range, the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. They’re two years newer than the iPhone 8, but a fair bit pricier to match. Thankfully, when Apple introduced its 2019 line of flagships, the company cut the price for the iPhone 8. When Apple announces new iPhones, it typically drops a few aging devices, but the iPhone 8 has manage to survive unscathed, and enjoys the new features in iOS 13 to boot. Apple now considers it the ‘budget’ entry to the iPhone series for people who want Apple’s tech without paying for a high-end phone. That means it’s still easy to pick up this smartphone from a variety of places at half (or more) off the price tag of the latest iPhone. The 8 is a legacy iPhone through and through: if you’ve owned an Apple handset from the iPhone 6 onwards, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting with this smartphone. There haven’t been too many changes over previous models, but for some, that’s a bonus. iPhone pessimists and Android fans (sometimes the same people) will be quick to point out the seemingly minor incremental upgrades over 2016’s iPhone 7, but for those with an iPhone 6S or before, that’s less of a problem – especially with the 8’s more powerful chipset. While it may not offer much over its direct predecessor, the iPhone 8 has enough about it to make it an exciting upgrade for those with older iPhone handsets. It also enjoys all the goodies in iOS 13, like Dark Mode and a range of app speed increases, so you can make the most of your iPhone experience.


  •  Glass rear looks and feels great, and enables wireless charging
  •  Front still bezel-heavy and almost identical to past three generations


  •  4.7-inch Retina HD display, same as the iPhone 7
  •  Apple’s True Tone tech improves colors and contrast


  •  Apps load promptly and games run smoothly
  •  Very capable when it comes to the heavier apps

Battery life

  •  Will last a day – just – on a single charge with careful usage
  •  Wireless charging is easy and convenient, but slower
  • Fast charging is more useful, but requires extra purchases


  •  12MP camera is solid, easy to use with decent results
  •  Same camera experience as iPhone 7, new (minor) video features
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