✅ Premium, strong design

✅ Great screen

✅ TrueDepth camera is powerful


? Metal rim can scuff without case

? The most expensive flagship phone around

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iPhone X Full Review

The iPhone X is the huge leap forward that Apple’s handsets needed after ten years, and it’s even better in 2019 thanks to its iOS 13 update. Aside from the original iPhone in 2007, this iPhone is having the biggest impact on Apple’s smartphone direction ever. Apple itself is calling it the future of the smartphone, the embodiment of what it’s been trying to achieve for a decade. But while the iPhone X is all about premium parts and an all-new experience, it’s a huge gamble for the Cupertino brand too, as it tries to reclaim some leadership in smartphone innovation. Losing known, reliable elements like the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, the home button; introducing new methods of navigating and unlocking the phone – and charging a lot more for the privilege – seems risky for a company that was already treading new ground by doing away with the traditional headphone jack. But the iPhone X is the handset we’ve been demanding from Apple for years – a world away from the increasingly-tired designs that those who just want a new iPhone have had to make do with.  The fervor around this phone tells that story – everyone wants to know if the iPhone X is worth having, partly because it actually represents a new iPhone, and that fervor is such that they don’t seem to care about the cost. So… is the iPhone X worth having? Will it change the direction of an industry where many of the specs Apple has put in – fast charging, wireless charging, bezel-less displays and face recognition – are already on the market? We’ve had the iPhone X in our grasp for over a year now, and it’s easily one of the best smartphones around – even in the face of the newer but similar iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max – but there are still a few things that might throw even long-time Apple fans. If you’re loving your iPhones X, or considering buying one, the package is about to get a lot more tempting now that iOS 13 is around the corner. Apple’s latest operating system, which will be available to the iPhone X, brings many new features like Dark Mode and a range of app speed increases, so you can make the most of your iPhone experience. For all the inside information on iOS 13, including all its features and when it’ll be available, check out our iOS 13 coverage now.


  • A new premium design language
  • Glass back for wireless charging
  • Feels weighty, in a good way


  • By far the best screen on an iPhone prior to XS
  • Clear, vibrant colors
  • Notch at top slightly irks, but doesn’t get in the way

Face ID

  • Facial recognition is very impressive
  • Animoji is novelty, but shows camera’s power
  • Contactless payments are more inconvenient


  • It’ll take some time to get used to new gestures
  • Surprisingly easy to use one-handed
  • One of the most powerful phones on the market


  • Great cameras front and back
  • Better in low light than before
  • Not quite the best in class, but very close

Battery life

  • Wireless charging is a nice feature
  • Another average battery performance from an iPhone
  • Charges from dead to 100% in 2hr 15m
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