Why and How to Buy a Used Cell Phone in 2021

In this day and age, the sheer variety in cell phone choices is staggering. Yet, it’s still no easy task picking a smartphone that not only meets all your requirements and looks good but also falls within your budget.

Why Should You Consider a Used Cellphone?

Fortunately, nowadays you don’t have to spend upwards of $1000 on a brand-new phone.

Used cell phones are an excellent opportunity to breathe new life into a device while saving on some cash.

Whether it’s a phone that came out recently or a few years ago, you’ll find similar specs with a few differences in appearance and features. So why spend so much money when you don’t have to?

If you’re tech-savvy and know exactly what you want in a smartphone, you can easily find one that’s seen some use for a fraction of the price of a new one. Even if you’re not quite sure yet, there’s plenty to choose from in practically every price range.

However, buying a used device from a reliable source is equally important as the phone you’re getting. Otherwise, you may end up wasting your hard-earned money.

The Risk of the buying from an individual and not from a company

Part of the reason people don’t buy used cell phones is the unreliability of the used market. You’re treading dangerous waters if you choose to buy from an unverified seller.

In many instances, the smartphones being sold from an individual are stolen, which means they will end up being locked and unusable. This is often the case with used iPhones being sold. Other times, the phone simply hasn’t been well maintained and is on the verge of dying, but a sly and disingenuous seller may be able to hide this fact and convince you otherwise. Fake phones, sellers never shipping the device, and other scams occur just as often.

Such practices are quite common among places like the Facebook marketplace, Kijiji, Craigslist… If you’re going to buy a used cell phone online, it’s best to do so from a trusted company.

Where to Buy Used Cell Phones from?

When shopping online for used phones, find a reputable company. This will be your best shot at getting something worth the money.

A good company will properly test every used phones, offer a customer satisfaction guarantee, provide a warranty, and ship quickly. That’s more than what any seller on Facebook, Kijiji, Craigslist… could ever offer, even if they aren’t trying to scam you.

Most companies are also very open about the condition of the phone. You get what you pay for. If it’s a used iPhone, you’ll know upfront what the battery life is like, whether it’s unlocked, what physical condition it’s in, and so on. If something about the phone doesn’t work, you’ll always know well before making the purchase.

Add good customer support to the mix, and buying a used phone becomes a far more pleasant experience. You’re no longer running the risk of buying a broken or fraudulent device and can pick out whatever suits your needs.

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