iPhone power button or lock button not working

iPhone power button or lock button not working

The power button is crucial to the functionally of the Apple iPhone. As iPhones get used, the power button begins to lose its “clickablity” and eventually stops working completely. If you are having issues with the power button problem, not to worry. Any repair shop is able to replace this power button with our same day.


The price for the repair varies on the model of iPhone you have. In almost all cases, customers have found the repair is defiantly worth the cost. No one likes dealing with a half working phone, or having to use iPhones “assistive touch”.


If you have another cell phone, other than an iPhone, that is experiencing this same issue, we can also repair this. Repair time and price varies on the type of cell phone you have. Some older cellphones may not we worth repairing, but newer smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy and the Samsung Note are worth fixing.

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