The Cell Phone Unlocking Process

The Cell Phone Unlocking Process

Having an unlocked cell phone can open up a world of freedom and choice when choosing a new network provider. An unlocked phone can also allow you to use a sim card from another country, allowing you to access cheaper rates when traveling.


So how do you unlock your current Cell Phone?

Well if you are still a contact holder with the company it is locked to such as Bell, Rogers, or Telus, you can ask them to unlock it for you. They typically charge you $50 for this service if have been paying your bills on time and have had your account with them for over 90 days and wish to stay with them.

Repair shops only needs the “IMEI” number off of your device to start and complete the unlock process remotely. This means that you will not be without your phone for any time during this process.

It takes on average 3 business days for you unlock to be processed, but again you will not need to leave the phone.

Your phone will be unlocked remotely if it is an iPhone. If you have a Samsung or other device, we will need to enter a code into your device after it has been unlocked. These are factory unlocks and are guaranteed forever. If for any reason the unlock cannot be processed on your device, your money will be refunded.

This entire process can be done over the phone or email, with payment done by credit card.

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