Screen Repair with a Damaged iPhone Frame

Screen Repair with a Damaged iPhone Frame

If you have ever dropped your iPhone and broken the screen, chances are you have damaged your iPhone frame slightly as well. If you then decided to take that iPhone to the Apple store for repair, you would have found out that an iPhone with ANY frame damage is “un-repairable” and must be replaced for over $400, according to Apple.


We understand that Apple doesn’t like to give their customers anything that isn’t absolutely 100% perfect in everyway, and we respect this. But we also understand that the average consumer doesn’t want to spend $400 to fix a problem that can be fixed for under $100.


Although fixing an iPhone screen with a dented frame is entirely possible (with the right tools), if your frame is severely damaged or bent, it may not be possible to repair.


If you do decide to fix your device yourself, it is important to use the proper tools to do the job. You should order yourself a “G-tool” as shown in the picture below. This tool will help reshape your iPhone frame. If you do not reshape the frame, you may break your new screen when attempting to install it.


Please be aware that repairing your iPhone with a damaged frame in almost all cases goes off without a hitch.  Saying that, we have had some experience with the iPhone 5c screen coming off the frame slightly, if the iPhone frame has had significant damage. This is because the frame is made of plastic and can easily manipulated.

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