To use an iPhone case or not

To use an iPhone case or not

So you have just picked up your brand new iPhone and your now debating whether or not you want to cover this beautify designed device in a plastic casing.  Whether you’re a fan of Apple or not, there’s no denying the iPhone is a thing of beauty. The real question is, do you show off the beauty of the iPhone or cover it with a protective, yet unappealing looking case.

The debate on this issue is very divided. Those who are “anti iPhone case” argue, a case for the iPhone makes the cell phone very bulky. They say the phone is meant to be enjoyed, not wrapped in plastic and kept from danger. Also, the glass on the newer iPhone’s is much stronger that previous generations, making breaking the glass not much threat anymore. They do make some solid points, as using an iPhone case is comparable to plastic wrapping your couch, in hopes of keeping it in pristine condition for its entire lifetime.

Those in the “pro case” camp have some strong points as well. They argue that, cell phones are constantly dropped and can easily be dinged or damaged. Also, with a new phone coming out every 6 months or so, it is important to keep a phone in pristine condition to resell and then get the latest phone.

Whatever your stance on the subject, I think we can all agree it is such a shame when an iPhone is damaged or you need an iPhone screen repair. Whether it’s worth keeping it all wrapped up and protected to avoid this is up to you.

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